"We collect marine debris on water bodies ... all water bodies

providing an IMMEDIATE social, environmental and economic impact"

Marine debris - global level

A major threat for humanity

– Microplastics are mistaken with zooplankton and absorbed by ocean life, goes all through the food chain up to humans, potentially causing diseases such as degenerative neurological disorder

– Macroplastics, injected by mammals, birds, reptiles (turtles), can cause death and leads to a the loss of biodiversity

– Microplastics in water, under solar radiation, emit Green House Gases (GHG): methane and ethylene, increasing     climate change

– plastics in the water absorb floating chemicals, many of them know as persistent pollutants: PCBs, insecticides, pecticides, fungicides, lubricants, solvents, coolants

Marine debris - local level

Also possibly a scourge

– Not so long ago, sources of life and food for all, rivers, canals or coastal waters become dead zones

– Fishing activities and tourism jeopardized

– Diseases and their consequences for personal and professional life

– viscious circle of poverty

But if appropriate measures are taken

Hygiene and health for locals and visitors

Beautification of riverside and coastal areas

Tourist activities and district image enhanced

Economic development and Green urban development

Resilience against flooding

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