Clean Energy - Environmental issues - Sustainability

The Situation

The model which we thought would be able to carry humanity to prosperity has now clearly not only shown its limitations but also it is not valid anymore. It has led us to climate change, already happening, resources scarcity, biodiversity loss and even now a pandemic.

So what's to be done?

Yourself, your organisation or Sustenea cannot solve the totality of issues but we can for sure contribute.
So let’s be positive and act together!
Our initiative, in addition with others, can then have a significant impact. And it can also become an inspiration for others.

What we do best

Energy Solutions

 We focus on a small number of solutions such as Heat to Energy, micro-hydro which we believe to be relevant for tropical countries such as Indonesia and its neighbours

Environment and sustainability consulting

Sustainable Urban Development, Renewables, Solid Waste Management, Circular Economy, … we offer a broad pallette of skills

Water Cleanups

 Under our brand OceanKita we offer a number of flexible solutions to clean-up all types of water surfaces

Our Team

Agustina, director

has been committed to youth empowerment since higher education and soon after became a specialist of solid waste management. Agustina co-leads the company and has the charge of human resources.

Nicolas, director

Passionate about environment and Southeast Asia, Nicolas is an engineer and holds several master degrees. Focused on Indonesia since 2005, he established in Jakarta in 2015.

Fidrianto, commissionner

Pak Fidrianto is a successful entrepreneur and director of Asindo Tech offering EPC services for agro-industry and biogas projects.

Jeanette, project manager

Holding a bachelor degree on Marine Science from Diponegoro University, Jeanette is our enthousiastic and highly involved project manager, more focused on OceanKita's development.

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