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The hummingbird's contribution

A huge fire ravages the jungle.
Panic-stricken, animals flee in all directions.
Only a hummingbird, tirelessly,
goes back and forth from the river to the blaze,
a tiny drop of water in its beak, to put it on the fire.
A toucan with a huge beak calls out to him:
“You are crazy, hummingbird, you can see that it is useless”.
“Yes, I know” replied the hummingbird, “but I am doing my part”…

Our story

After a lot of thingking and even more meetings, the setup Sustenea was decided. There was a match between the three founding partners and the common willingness to contribute to a more sustainable future for Indonesia and region.

PT. Sustenea Konsultasi Indonesia was finally fully established in 2018 as a PT. PMDN. Sustenea is a consulting company also distributing the equipments of its partners.

The first focus was Clean Energy where Pak Fidranto and Nicolas had an common commmitment and Environmental Consultancy where Mas Zulfikar and Nicolas were sharing the same vision. In the domain of Clean Energy, Sustenea promotes a few technologies that are believed relevant for Indonesia and its neighbours. Sustenea acts as a representative for its selected partners.

In the domain of Environment, the consulting activity first materialised with a Feasibility Study on Sustainable Urban Development, with the objective to rehabilitate existing districts in three different cities into eco-districts, a grand premiere for Indonesia.

More recently, after meeting other great people, Sustenea develops the OceanKita Joint Venture.


Our vision

The action of the hummingbird might be small compared to the task but what if his action convinces others to join, among which the toucan with its huge beak?

At Sustenea, we don’t aim to shape a world of more but a world of better. Obviously, the planet has already given us more than it can. Wherever we look, we probably have crossed a red line: pollution, biodiversity, resources, climate change. But that doesn’t mean it is too late, it means we need to roll up our sleeves and do what needs to be done. We don’t know it is impossible unless we try.  And most of the time, impossible becomes possible.

So Sustenea invites its clients to change paradigm and start imagining how
they could rethink their activities. We accompany them to progressively move away from Business As Usual (BAU) and help them to measure the benefits of integrating sustainability. Activities that are believed to be worthless sources of expense appear to bring all kinds of social and environmental benefits and even profiyablity.

Let us show you we are not dogmatic or dreamers drawing theories that are not realistic. On the contrary, at Sustenea, we are very pragmatic. Most of our solutions, we didn’t invent them ourselves but we have selected some of the best ones, particularly relevant for Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The Managing team



Co-director of Sustenea, Agustina values teamwork and youth development. She believes in the power of bringing people together, from the government to private companies and communities.

She has been leading millions of people in joining cleanup and waste segregation actions in Indonesia for four years, bringing Indonesia at the first rank in the world for the number of volunteers under the network of Let’s Do It World Movement.




Nicolas is a former officer in the French Air Force. Passionate about environment and Southeast Asia, he chose to have a new challenge uniting his two passions. Nicolas is an engineer and holds other degrees, the last ones being about Indonesian Language & Culture and CSR and Sustainable management. Focused on Indonesia since 2005, he established in Jakarta in 2015.

“Don’t tell him it is impossible …”

Jeanette Haulussy

Project Manager

Holding a bachelor degree on Marine Science from Diponegoro University, Semarang, Jeanette is our enthousiastic and highly involved project manager, more focused on OceanKita’s development. Passionate in the world of volunteering, she joined in 2015 Gerakan Mari Berbagi, a moral movement seeking solutions to issues existing around us, by encouraging or stimulating. She is also a cofunder of SULBI community in 2016.

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